Sunday, February 12, 2006

More Strong-arm Tactics - Ohh Mr. Thomas, I'm Sooooo Scared!

The ToI carried another piece about this blog yesterday, a tiny piece on page 7 - saying how I've cleaned up my blog of all the "derogatory" comments and patted themselves on the back for scaring me.

For one, Mr. Thomas, I happen to know the laws of my country. Just by quoting senior and respected lawyers [who have most likely not even read my blog] to scream "contempt of court", you cannot make me run for cover.

As for my clean up operation, as long as there are people like you - who are more than ready to hang anyone for no fault of theirs and malign anyone who goes against your institution, I wouldn't be surprised if someone dragged me in on trumped up charges. I have no illusions; it pays to be careful in this land and that is just what I'm doing.

Yet again, you have missed the point. I did launch a scathing attack on the media. I did accuse our police of corruption. And I definitely challenged the allegiance of Ketan Tirodkar alongwith laying out his real antecedents. But I did not attack the judiciary, you only chose to highlight that bit because it made good news in your eyes. My intention was never to insult anyone; it was only to point out the other side of the Daya Nayak story, a job that should have been done by the media, but which it failed to do.

It's a sad day when justifying a blog becomes necessary because of biased morons of the media. Doesn't say too much for freedom of speech, does it?

Why doesn't Mr. Thomas try to do a real story for a change? Like investigating how many Disproportionate Properties and Assets cases are lying with the ACB? And since how long they've been lying there, unacted upon? The amounts involved in some of these DP cases make 41 lacs seem like a paltry sum indeed. And those 41 lacs are still only on paper, without any hard evidence... Or how about compiling a story of all the people chargesheeted by the ACB alongwith the outcomes of the cases? Perhaps no one wants to do these kind of stories because they involve real work; they require research - perhaps using the Right to Information Act and things like that are far too difficult for the likes of Mr. Shibu Thomas and his ilk.

How come no one's reporting about how the ACB's case against Nayak is beginning to fall apart? Rajendra Padte's flat in Silver Mists, Andheri has been proven in court to be paid by him by a bank loan, which was further paid off by monthly installments, like any regular middle-class man would do. In case Mr. Thomas noticed, this blog has reported that fact much before it was proved; and it was just as true then as it is now, which can hardly be said for any of the media reports. And what about Nayak's alleged multiple benami properties, of which not a trace has been found by the ACB? Can't the media figure that this may be because those properties never existed? As for the Swiss flat and the Dubai hotel...maybe Nayak's money is stashed away there, next thing you know an ACB official will be flying down to these countries at the government's, er...investigate.

Why hasn't anyone from the media questioned the continuing custody of P.Manivellan inspite of the ACB having said in court they no longer need him for interrogation? And now Manivellan's flat in Hiranandani, Powai [claimed by ACB to be Nayak's flat earlier] is found to be just a leased flat! How come no investigative journalist discovered that before it was proved in court?

Dear Mr. Thomas, I sincerely believe that you'd be better off concentrating your energies in more meaningful pursuits...and until you do, my censure of the media will continue...