Sunday, February 12, 2006

More Strong-arm Tactics - Ohh Mr. Thomas, I'm Sooooo Scared!

The ToI carried another piece about this blog yesterday, a tiny piece on page 7 - saying how I've cleaned up my blog of all the "derogatory" comments and patted themselves on the back for scaring me.

For one, Mr. Thomas, I happen to know the laws of my country. Just by quoting senior and respected lawyers [who have most likely not even read my blog] to scream "contempt of court", you cannot make me run for cover.

As for my clean up operation, as long as there are people like you - who are more than ready to hang anyone for no fault of theirs and malign anyone who goes against your institution, I wouldn't be surprised if someone dragged me in on trumped up charges. I have no illusions; it pays to be careful in this land and that is just what I'm doing.

Yet again, you have missed the point. I did launch a scathing attack on the media. I did accuse our police of corruption. And I definitely challenged the allegiance of Ketan Tirodkar alongwith laying out his real antecedents. But I did not attack the judiciary, you only chose to highlight that bit because it made good news in your eyes. My intention was never to insult anyone; it was only to point out the other side of the Daya Nayak story, a job that should have been done by the media, but which it failed to do.

It's a sad day when justifying a blog becomes necessary because of biased morons of the media. Doesn't say too much for freedom of speech, does it?

Why doesn't Mr. Thomas try to do a real story for a change? Like investigating how many Disproportionate Properties and Assets cases are lying with the ACB? And since how long they've been lying there, unacted upon? The amounts involved in some of these DP cases make 41 lacs seem like a paltry sum indeed. And those 41 lacs are still only on paper, without any hard evidence... Or how about compiling a story of all the people chargesheeted by the ACB alongwith the outcomes of the cases? Perhaps no one wants to do these kind of stories because they involve real work; they require research - perhaps using the Right to Information Act and things like that are far too difficult for the likes of Mr. Shibu Thomas and his ilk.

How come no one's reporting about how the ACB's case against Nayak is beginning to fall apart? Rajendra Padte's flat in Silver Mists, Andheri has been proven in court to be paid by him by a bank loan, which was further paid off by monthly installments, like any regular middle-class man would do. In case Mr. Thomas noticed, this blog has reported that fact much before it was proved; and it was just as true then as it is now, which can hardly be said for any of the media reports. And what about Nayak's alleged multiple benami properties, of which not a trace has been found by the ACB? Can't the media figure that this may be because those properties never existed? As for the Swiss flat and the Dubai hotel...maybe Nayak's money is stashed away there, next thing you know an ACB official will be flying down to these countries at the government's, er...investigate.

Why hasn't anyone from the media questioned the continuing custody of P.Manivellan inspite of the ACB having said in court they no longer need him for interrogation? And now Manivellan's flat in Hiranandani, Powai [claimed by ACB to be Nayak's flat earlier] is found to be just a leased flat! How come no investigative journalist discovered that before it was proved in court?

Dear Mr. Thomas, I sincerely believe that you'd be better off concentrating your energies in more meaningful pursuits...and until you do, my censure of the media will continue...


Anonymous said...

Well, interesting times, I guess. When Daya Nayak continues to make news every single day. The nation waits abatedly to read news about him in some form or the other. A certain section of media has been desperately trying to dig out old cases against him. It’s like the hero's fallen, flog him as much as u can, because he is not citing his side of version. If these cases were so old and in the public domain, then action should be first taken against officers who suppressed it.

And now the news today says about how Nayak has approached the apex court. Also Manivellan, the alleged associate, and money launderer for Nayak's bail application pending in Sessions Court was debated by the Public Prosecutor.

I read an agency report and to quote them would be interesting here. It says: The vehicle, missing from Manivelan's residence, is registered in someone else's name.

Mr. Kini further said the funding for the construction of the school in Nayak's native town was done by the members of one single family. The family members in their statement have said, ‘‘we do not know Daya Nayak, we know only Manivelan and have given funds to him.''

What does it say and where does Nayak appear in the picture.

Point to Ponder. Neither the vehicle is in the name of Nayak nor Manivelan.

Secondly they point out source of money for school Nayak built by people not known to him.

What does that prove against Nayak or Manivellan? Yet the prosecution feels Mainvellan is important evidence in the case against Nayak!


Shinu Mathew said...

if he hasn't spend the moeny to build the school, he himself claimed that he donated 1 Cr rs to the school and he is seen in the pictures of the school inaguration (i guess) with Amitabh Bachhan. What about that?
It is not very difficult to buy a vehicle and later transfer it to somebody else. Or may be benami stuff. Are not you live in India now?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mathew

He has never said he has "donated" 1 crore to build a school. His personal donation has been Rs10,001/-. The said matter was investigated by various agencies of the government and the Police Department, and it was proved that he didn’t have anything more than that to do with the issue. The then Dy CM Sh. Chaggan Bhujbal had clarified in the Assembly and given Nayak a clean chit on the issue after submitting the inquiry reports.

And what the heck, after all he worked towards making an educational institution, not that he went ahead and collected hafta or ran beer bars in Mumbai. We should support the noble cause of a man like Nayak. And by the way, the said school is a GOVERNMENT school. Doesnt that say it all.

Second issue of a benami car and that it could be in someone else's name. First a link has to be established to prove his connection with the car. Not accuse Nayak of owning everything what his friends, associates or relatives own-- it’s a ridiculous claim.

I rest my matter here. What are we talking about at the end of the day - a case of disproportionate assets of 41 lakhs??

What about then Lalu Prasad Yadav (accused in the 900 crore fodder scam), and thousands of others who are charged with corruption. Haven’t heard anyone going to jail yet.

Anonymous said...

After the Mumbai Mirror reported Daya Nayak's net worth as 4 crore, the Mid-day went a step further and reported his worth as 100 crores. This story was written by Chandramohan Puppala, the editor of investigative journalism of Mid-day. To quote "According to our calculations this sub-inspector who draws a monthly salary of Rs 9,000, is worth around Rs 100 crore." [ How Daya's assets add up to Rs 100 cr] What calculations he made, and how; only he knows.

Puppala has unsavory connections in his past. I doubt anyone remembers the Ramesh Kini murder case, fought bravely by his widow Sheila Kini against the top ranks of Shiv Sena. All the other newspapers were reporting Kini's brain being missing at autopsy (the reason why cause of death could not be determined), and this news had caused a very big furore then. But Puppala who was with the Indian Express at that time, carried a false report that the brain has been there all the time and the others reports are baseless. This news in a reputed newpaper gave the investigators an excuse to go off-track and the case was sent into oblivion.

Puppala later worked with ETC where his name came into disrepute because of number of shady deals, involving news for money. He then joined Midday.

Now, the Midday has done an about face, saying Daya Nayak is just a lakhpati, not a crorepati. They go on to say that the FIR mentions only 41 lacs, of which only 6 lacs are in Daya's name. So on what basis did they carry the 100 crore report? Why didnt they stop this Puppala from carrying a trumped up story right then, rather than doing damage control now? While the 100 crore story made the front page, this latest one, taking a neutral stand is relegated to page 6...and the damage has alreayd been done.

Puppala was kicked out of Midday for carrying the falsified Daya Nayak story; he has now joined DNA. It will be very interesting to see what sort of stories DNA will carry now, whether they'll continue to be the fairly decent newspaper they've been or whether they'll be led astray by the latest addition to their team.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any updates after Feb. Please update. This topic is really interesting