Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Honorable Supreme Court of India today quashed all MCOCA charges against Daya Nayak made by Ketan Tirodkar, who is himself facing several criminal charges for being involved with the underworld. 

Since the Court has ruled that the MCOCA charges cannot be upheld since no prior sanction was obtained from the state government, this effectively clears Nayak's name in all respects. Incidentally, he has still not been reinstated in the police by the Maharashtra state government, despite being given a clean chit by the Director General of Police almost 10 months ago. 

This is victory—a hard-fought, long- awaited victory. All the wasted years of Nayak's life are not coming back; it remains to be seen how long the Home Department of the state government will take before finally acknowledging justice and reinstating him; and the criminal who started this all is yet to be convicted; but justice is finally ours. 

I started this blog because I could only see rank injustice, but the outcome has completely reaffirmed my faith in my country’s judicial system. I started it because the truth needed to be told, and now the truth has been proven, entirely and without question. I started it because an innocent man—unjustly accused—needed support, and you all gave it. Daya Nayak is free, finally.