Monday, January 23, 2006

Is Daya Nayak really a criminal?

The recent press coverage given to the so-called "crimes" of discredited encounter specialist Daya Nayak has made me rather lose my pride as being part of the great Indian system. This – is my retaliation to what I see as injustice.

Who is this Daya Nayak? Rising from a 9yr old chaiwalla to feared supercop - no easy task, even in the city of dreams. From working odd jobs, to being the guy who shot 84 blood-thirsty criminals and then on to being the man who everyone looks upon as a criminal...

The newspapers are busy holding his trial, before the court has had any say. Shall we also consider his various crimes then?

In 2003, a small time guy called Ketan Tirodkar, who had earlier worked briefly with the Afternoon Courier, filed a case against Daya Nayak in the stringent MCOCA court. He said Nayak was a part of a conspiracy to shunt out top police officials who were hostile to the cause of the underworld and that he had taken money from the don Chhota Shakeel to facilitate the same. Tirodkar was part of this supposed deal and guilt had driven him to confession. Tirodkar is a known Shakeel man. He has been arrested and is currently out on bail. Because of the numerous cases that this criminal filed, raids have been carried out at Daya Nayak’s home. Not once, but many times, though the ACB never found anything.

Since the last 2 weeks the sleazeball tabloid Mumbai Mirror has been printing stories about Nayak’s disproportionate assets. His net worth is now 100 crore[from the earlier rather modest 4 crore], he owns a hotel in Dubai, has a place in Switzerland and keeps going out of the country all the time – to Canada and America and God knows where else. He owns many properties in India. He owns a fleet of luxury buses in Karnataka. He owns dozens of companies. His wife is the director of several of these. Inspite of being super rich he continued to work a job that paid him a measly 12000 a month and continued to stay in a tiny flat. And with all his extra money he built a school in his home-town, probably because he ran out of ways to spend his extra cash... I didn’t know what was more shocking, the Mirror’s allegations or the fact that the Mirror’s readers responded with things like he should be publicly punished and put to death for his crimes.

Can we please have real news? Can we have some hard facts, maybe a reaction from the man involved? No, the media says we may not, because we’re all imbeciles and don’t understand the delicate balance of the sources and the media. A balance preserved by exchange of hard cash, at least in the case of the great and illustrious Times of India who have been known to print for pay. So, what’s the real story?

Daya Nayak shot down 84 gangsters and arrested over 300 in his years with the police force. He was a man doing his job, for which he was highly praised, given monetary rewards and many awards. He became famous. The men he killed were from all factions of the Mumbai mafia – Dawood’s men, Chhota Rajan’s men, Chhota Shakeel’s men, Ashwin Naik’s men, Arun Gawli’s men – there was no don who didn’t take losses. And he wasn’t alone.
Other encounter specialists, like Pradeep Sawant, Vijay Salaskar, Sachin Vaze and Pradeep Sharma were all equals in the encounters. But like one of our better newspapers pointed out, none of these remain in the crime branch with the exception of Pradeep Sharma. They’ve been transferred, given desk jobs, arrested or in Nayak’s case, are undergoing the process of being arrested. Why’s Pradeep Sharma still there? Is he a better police officer? Or were these others the betters, and got shunted out - paying the price of being better men? Or is Pradeep Sharma better than the others, at licking ass? Pradeep Sawant[former DCP] and R.S.Sharma[former CP] – both great officers when they were working - were gotten out of the way through the Telgi case. That surprised me too – people in power willing to believe a criminal’s word rather than the police officers who put him in jail. It is the same scenario all over again – Tirodkar’s word against Nayak’s.

Does it seem possible that a man like Chhota Shakeel, known for his vengeful attitude, would pay the man who shot and killed so many of his close associates? The same Shakeel who waged war with Chhota Rajan, onetime colleague and pal and killed so many of his men after the Mumbai blasts and riots in 1993? If he wanted to destroy the police force, he would first destroy the man he hated the most - that being Daya Nayak. Which is precisely what he is doing, using Tirodkar as a dummy front and alleging Nayak’s nexus with Shakeel. What kind of man believes this sort of cock and bull story unless he’s been paid to believe it?

The human mind is fickle. What we do not have, we crave; what we cannot have, we hate. The current crop of higher police officials who are now busy throwing stones at Daya Nayak once sang his praises. They promised to protect him from the underworld that posed a constant threat to his very life. And they did - they gave him armed guards, good vehicles and all the support he needed. But then, Daya Nayak got famous. He earned money for killing all those bad guys, and loads of it too. Of course, now the media has forgotten that many of the men that he shot had rewards on their heads to the tune of 5-10 lacs each. So this man was rich, famous and almost a celebrity. He soon became a celebrity, with 2 Hindi movies and 1 Kannada movie being made based on his life. He received the Karnataka Hriday Samrath Award, the highest award granted by the Karnataka Govt. How many policemen get this kind of fame? Isn’t it logical that Nayak’s success made these men see red, and they became insanely jealous of their junior, now a man perhaps too big for his boots... Pasricha, M.N. Singh, A.N.Roy, Dilip Sawant – none of these could avoid the green-eyed monster. The officers investigating Daya Nayak through the Anti Corruption Bureau are all Nayak’s contemporaries, and none of them have so much as been in a headline before being involved in the his case. They are neither rich nor famous. If they were looking for a chance to pull him down, this is it. If they were looking for fame, they’ve now hit paydirt. It seems as if the raids that they have been carrying out are only to harass the man and his family, rather than any attempt to find the truth.

There’s also Pradeep Sharma. How does he figure here? He was the one under whom Nayak trained and matured as a police officer. But now he has gone out of his way to attack Daya Nayak and his character. Have the two had a fall-out after the erstwhile pupil far outshone his mentor? Or is it something else?

Now to the media. The premier newspaper of India, ToI, has behaved in an utterly despicable manner. First, by allowing their tabloid to carry unverified stories about Nayak and then themselves making allegations that border on the ridiculous. It would be funny if it weren’t so terrible. We do not expect this of our newspapers. A flat in Switzerland? Really?? At least they could have said a bank account, that would have been a little more believable. A fleet of luxury buses operating within Mangalore, that coming from the Indian Express. Midday saying Daya Nayak’s worth 100 crores. Please, have some respect for the intelligence of your readers. Give us the usual rubbish that you pass off as news, but don’t give us slimy rotten rubbish, don’t venture into serious news when you have no idea what it’s about. The kind of stories the Mirror and Midday have carried; it made me think they are on Tirodkar’s payroll. He’s a criminal for god’s sake. Don’t glorify him. Daya Nayak is, or was, a good cop. He made Mumbai safe again. If you can’t come out in his support, don’t tear him down at least!

Once upon a time, he was the media’s golden boy. He made the bad guys disappear, he looked great and photographed well, he was nice to the journos – he was everyone’s favorite story. But show a man a hole, and he will finger it to make it bigger. That is what the media has been doing now. Glorifying Tirodkar, interviewing him constantly, letting him accuse whoever he wants, allowing him to drag anybody he pleases into his slime, not editing his rubbish – what has become of the days when we had real news? When reporters reported facts, not opinions? Especially of criminals?!

The Mirror said the ACB raided Nayak because of its reports. But the Mirror said he’s worth 4 crores. All the ACB found was evidence on paper worth 41 lacs. So where’s all his 4 crores now? How much is 4 crores? Maybe 2 small sea-facing flats in south Mumbai. It’s not a lot of money, it only seems to be so. Considering that the man shot 84 gangsters, each with rewards on their heads of upto 10 lacs, even if he shared his money with the other members of the team, he’s made at least 84 lacs through his reward money alone! This was years ago, and with the right investments, he could have been a millionaire many times over by now. Is investing wrong? Is making wealth wrong? If it is, why aren’t all the rich guys in India in jail today? If Nayak was really that rich, he wouldn’t be doing the thankless job of being a policeman even today. He wouldn’t be living in a tiny house. If he were greedy for money, he would have kept everything he got for himself, rather than building a government school in the tiny village that he was born in, because he doesn’t want the children there to walk like him to a school 2 hours away and then stop studying because it was only a primary school. But rather than praise the man, we suspected him of laundering ill-gotten money! How low can we stoop?

Dragging his wife into the story, dragging his friends in and accusing them of protecting him... isn’t that what friends are supposed to do? By raiding any man who is even remotely associated with Daya Nayak, what does the ACB wish to prove? That to know someone is a crime? That to be friends with a man, and go to the aid of that man in times of trouble is against the law? Is it now illegal to be good human beings?

Daya Nayak’s real crime is that he was good at his job. Worse still, he was far better than anyone else around him. Even worse, he was proud of it.

I am ashamed to be part of a system that rewards ability with punishment. I am ashamed of a system which has not protected Daya Nayak from the harassment of a criminal. I am ashamed of our police force who seek to harm its own and wish to arrest a good man on grounds of jealousy and envy. I am ashamed of our laws, which can allow this to happen, which are being abused to destroy this man who almost gave his life to uphold them, which have been misused to turn their enforcer into a disgraceful caricature. I am ashamed of our media, who call Daya Nayak an “on the run” absconder, when he’s nothing of the sort, and none of whom have come forward with a good word for him.

A young citizen of this nation, I feel nothing but guilt to be part of a people who glory in villainy and grind down true greatness to dust under their heels, only because they cannot equal it.

If he is a criminal, then justice will of course be done, but let him not be destroyed because no one has the courage to speak out in his support. If you believe in him, lets reach out in support, speak out and let others know of the truth. Let us at least give him a chance to speak, to show that he is not guilty of the crimes he has been accused of, before we sentence him to a figurative death in a trial by our minds.


Abhi said...

I don't know much about Daya Nayak but the encounters he did, were part of his job, nothing so heroic about it.
Has someone ever praised the heroics of a doctor who saves life? Do you know the name of any cancer specialist at Tata Memorial Hospital in Bombay.

well, daya nayak became a hero and got all the stardom for killing people ( and I am sure some of them may have been innocent. they got to be, its a law of averages.)

well there is a very simple solution for all his problems. just account for all your wealth. as you have argued that he may have made investments, he can easily produce paper trail, electronic trade etc and get off the hook.

The biggest problem India is facing is the culture of corruption. The mafias, adulterers, fake drug manufacturers are all the byproduct of this culture of corruption. we as a society have accepted that corruption is okay as long as the person is efficient and sincere towards his job. statistically the country is better off, having an honest person asleep at the desk. India as a country pays $5 billion every year in bribes, which is close to 1% of the country's GDP. just think about it.

Sandgroper said...

You asked me for a comment on my blog. So here goes.

Daya Nayak is not a criminal. Till he is proven guilty, he is and will remain innocent, no matter what the media says.

That said, I don't quite agree with the logic that he made all the money with the encounter prizes. Simply because the charge is visible wealth appears disproportionate to his known sources of income. The government knows "known income" through his tax forms. If he had nothing to hide, he should have disclosed it. Simple as that. The fact that he hid it, suggests (note: suggests, not proves) he did not want people to know about it. I agree with A P's logic. If you don't want to get caught, why not just go down the correct path and follow the rules?

Punkprincess said...

What do you do when you have been following the correct path, but people who wish to destroy you make you out to be the worst kind of scum?
The point that we are all missing here is that there may be malafide persons at work who are hell bent on destroying Nayak, one way or the other.
To answer a p, I have no desire of justifying his "heroism". In our country a small time actor who plays some guy who dies and comes back to life in an awful tv serial becomes a hero, becomes famous and develops a fan following more than even the men who discovered DNA. We live in a country mostly made up of fools; it is upto us, those who understand more than the others do - to not fall for media propaganda and not tear down a man simply because there is a nexus who wishes to do so.

Mahesh Nair said...

I completely disagree with your views.
If he had nothing ot hide he should not have absconded. If he made money legally then he should have been able to prove it immediately. There is no smoke without fire.

I used to be a big fan of Daya Nayak and I am still hoping that he will come out clean - though given how the previous inquiries have gone I dont have high hopes.


mantra said...

also read

anthony said...

That was my point, that the kind of disproportionate income that he is alleged to have is quite proprotionate if the returns on his rewards money were to be taken into account. And that the paper that once idolised him is now demonising him on the basis of some facts that will hold no godd in the courts of law.

mantra said...

A mother speaks for her son. Read

Anonymous said...

Daya Nayak is a friend of mine.He is a dedicated Police officer.I am an ex-Police officer from Karnataka.In one of the sensational murder cases of Karwar which I was investigating,Daya Nayak offerred tremendous help to me.But for his help I would not have arrested the killer & solved the murder case.The killer is still in Jail. I received The Chief Minister's Gold Medal for the case.Thanks Daya Nayak.

I oppose the way he is being tried by the media.Honour is acquired over a period of time and the media can undo it just with one stroke.Let the law take its own course.

wishfulthinking012 said...

I believe Daya Nayak is being framed by a few police officers. This has become the routine in Mumbai Police now. Since the Telgi scam broke out, some police officers have stooped to low levels to settle personal scores with other police officers.

Both RS Sharma and Pradeep Sawant were victims of police animosity and jealousy. RS Sharma was arrested because he became poice commissioner and his other peers never got a chance to become Mumbai comissioner and Sawant was arrested because he was in Crime Branch for 5 years and was very successful. Recently, I heard in the news that Supreme Court passed a judgement stating that there was no prima facie evidence either against Sawant or Sharma...both were falsely implicated. In fact the evidence against them was created by the SIT officers.

I think Daya Nayak is also being framed by jealous police officers in this case. I think the truth will come out soon...just like in the Telgi scam.

andrenaka said...

I really dont know what the fuss is about. This person has killed nearly a hundred people. This, in my book, is cold blooded murder. Where in any civilised democracy can a police man or any other person, governmental or not, murder so many persons and be praised for it, not convicted. These victims were never tried by any court, never found guilty - even if they had, there is a lawful procedure to either jail them or in extreme circumstances, execute them - it could just as easily have been you or me. All someone had to do was indicate/pay/cajole/convince/pressurise into getting Mr. Nayak or any of the other state sanctioned (at least unofficially) killers get you. How many cases have you heard of people being threatened by police personnel of being killed in an 'encounter'? Plenty, I'm guessing.
All i can say in ending is that justice is being done - in a roundabout way - and I hope Mr. Nayak learns how lonely and naked and fearful and helpless you feel on the other side of the gun. Remember, if you live by the gun, be prepared to die by it.

rajeev kappor said...

By the way, the case is about disproportionate income, of some 41 lakhs.

And I haven’t heard of any cases of encounter- whatever be the perception of many- its a cold blooded murder or whatever-that it has been fake or someone not wanted by the police has been killed.

Intrigued by the rise in encounters in 2001 I had done a research on the subject and to my horror found that most killed were wanted, or were history sheeter, and had some nefarious connection.

And more startling this piece of information would be - that every year the Mumbai Police makes some 75000 arrests, and you would be surprised that the conviction rate is a mere 6 percent. What does that reflect? The police chase the criminals for months together, gather information and then try and arrest them and bring them to justice. And 94 percent go scot free!!!

I should quote a former Jt Commissioner of Police here, who said "Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures”. Encounters were just that. And behind each of the encounter there has been meticulous planning, and months of chase and preparations and the specialists are better equipped to handle the situation when they take the underworld elements by surprise.

So, those who live by the gun are well prepared to fight it out for these specialists are trained for it and they are better equipped.

If people walk safely on the streets of Mumbai its thank to the officers like Nayak.

Dr. Vineet Pujari said...

I think i have to agree with andrenaka that these rogue cops need to be reined in. This seems an effective way of doing so. Obviously the govt. cant accuse him of murder - they tacitly supported him - thats why they are going after him on a much lesser charge, for which he should be grateful. Its because the govt. machinary is so ineffective, that these sort of quick fix methods are resorted to. Its an extremely dangerous method. It could very easily lead to the death of civilization and rule of law. Its also a sad reflection on the judicary that while they can take suo motto cognizance of petty issues like damage to the Taj Mahal by pollution(!!!), they have chosen to remain silent spectators to murderous bloodshed THAT HAS BEEN SANCTIONED BY COPS AND POLITICIANS TO COVER UP THEIR OWN INADADQUACIES. It dont matter if the persons murdered in cold blood by these state sanctioned excutioners were guilty. They had not been tried by due process of law.Most of them were not murderers, they were petty goons who 99% of the time, didnt back up their threats with action. Many were down right innocent, many were cases of mistaken identity Yup, first the delicate sheen on the taj damaged by those pesky industries then maybe stuff like Murder...but murder is SO passe, SO not news, SO...yawn. And a good nights sleep is had by all.
And hope you're not next.

drag_nite said...

at first i jus wan2 tel that unless and untill b*sT**d like ketan tirodkar r not hanged india will never improve.there is no use preaching patrotism to younger generation b4 cleaning the dirt in india.
today mumbai is safe only bcoz of police officers like daya.daya is not a loser but v citizen r d loser coz daya is no more on duty as police officer its a big loss 4 d dept.
daya is not degnified by dt khakhi uniform but the khakhi is being degnified only wen police officer like daya wears it.
hats off to daya d sincere police officer.i am proud to tell that u r my frnd.dont worry daya b cool u will come out clean bcoz truth always wins.
v ned more ppl like u too wipe tears of mother india.n protect her pride.if some thing called as god is alive u will surely come out clean.otherwise ppl will lose faith on all our indian principles like truth,justice,patriotism,service,etc. n ur dear ones will stop believing in god.n ur fans will never wan2 join police force.
who ever reads this pls think abt it.i knw daya as a fan n a gud frnd 4 more than a year.he is a v nice person.n v kind n helpful.he can giv his life 4 d country but never do ne anti national activity.ofcouse i donthav a solid proof or that kinkd of proof which d court will believe.i am jus an ordinary citizen who like to support ppl who do gud 4 d nation.
please save our hero daya 4m facing injustice.n save d country.

andrenaka said...

this is in reply to rajeev kappor. You are casually reeling off stats like 75000 arrests, 6% convictions...pray what is the source of your information?? And are we to presume that every time some one is arrested, that he is a hardened criminal who should be off the streets? Those 'arrested' figuresinclude thewife beater, the one-who-argued-with-the traffic-cop, and dozens more like them.And the low conviction rate, which is more than 6% is due to factors like withdrawal of cases, hostile witnesses, aquittees (some people are actually innocent you know), corrupt cops who take money to fudge the case, courrupt public proscutors and so on and so forth.And you were 'horrifed' to learn that most were actual hardened criminals? Well, bully for you, my friend, obviously you are a man of hightened sensibilities. However, I can assure you that many of those murdered in encounters were 1. some hard cases 2. some who were killed by police paid to do so by other criminals or even politicians or even a boyfriend wanting to bump of his girls husband3. a few mistaken identities 3. some informers who had outlived their usefulness 4. some mistaken identities because each 'encounter' specialist was trying to rack up more kills than his rival, and didnt do his homework properly.5. some personal emenies of those in power.
Oh, and do you really think we should pay much heed to the (plagarised) utterings of a corrupt policeman who was but a killer at heart and an inefficent cop - and the two together created a reign of sanctioned murder.
Sure Daya nayak was special. I mean its not everybody who can carry off being a Judge, Jury and Excutioner all by himself. Definately a Superman.
Unfortunately for him, the good guys managed to get hold of a wee bit of Kryptonite.....

Punkprincess said...

andrenaka, its difficult to figure how anyone can be as narrow minded as you. while you express disbelief at mr. rajeev, you yourself go on to "assure" us of how the killings are people wanting to bump off their girlfriend's husbands. on what basis do you make these assumptions?

have you ever spoken to any of these encounter specialists? do you know how much work goes behind an encounter? you clearly don't. and when you don't know these things, how can you pronounce a man inefficient?

do you know that cops get killed in your "fake" encounters? just because they're usually constables does not mean they're not cops! how on earth can you say that these encounter specialists kill to get their tally up?! it's not some kind of game, even if you think it as one. and to accuse them of such a thing is accuse them of being killers at heart is far far worse.

Nayak doesnt pretend to be a superman, he does not even like to be called a supercop - that is a name invented by the media, not by himself. and to use your own analogy, right now tirodkar is lex luthor and the ACB is the trio led by general zod. and also, in case you dont remember, these were the bad guys; superman and lois were the good guys...

andrenaka said...

I have just recieved a post on my blog from an anonymous person who said that a copy of this message had been sent to your site but you hadnt published it. I went thru the post and it was fairly innocous - supported my line of thinking of thinking, about day nayak being a extralegal murderer -so how come its not published?? are you practising censorship?? is this site daya nayaks way of garnering public sympathy? seems so, if you're selectively publishing comments.....

Punkprincess said...

Andrenaka, when I say I believe in freedom of speech, I actually mean it. I have been publishing all relevant comments, I only draw the line when I get comments calling Times of India as Toilet paper of India. If I haven't published the comments of your anonymous poster, it is only because I haven't received it.

As for selective publishing to garner sympathy for Daya Nayak, I wouldn't have published any of your comments if that were my aim. Where is your blog anyway? you haven't posted a link.

You really need to read carefully before you post comments accusing me of censorship.

drag_nite said...

hi andrenaka
r u paid by ketan tirodkar to speak against dayanayak?tirodkar is a bastard ne ways.mother & motherland are more important than heaven.Dont sell her for the sake of money.if cant do gud for the nation atleast live like a gud citizen.
Daya nayak is my gud frnd.he had been 2 my house & we speak very
often.he is very gud natured & a kind man.knw u may tell may b he pretends to b so.but u knw if d quality of d cloth is not gud u can make out by 2 to 3 washes.i knw him from 2years.i am his fan.dayav is child like a person & would love to work for d youth.
i only fear that v r losing a gud police officer n indirectly losing many budding police officers.
so readers out there pls save this hero.know pls dont blame me mr ya ms andrenaka that i am also paid by nayak.u knw how d media is by knw i hav lost faith on it.i dont knw whether it actually gives us freedom of speech i hav my own doubts.who ever has designed this site thanks to him.a real appreciation to u 4 spending ur time 4 sm gud social service.i like appreciating ppl who work 4 d nations welfare as i did in case of daya.

A GAIKWAD said...









Anonymous said...

First of all who the hell is andrenaka. Do you know anything about mafia situation in Mumbai around 1997? I know it. A person can't even buy a new car - a house or have marriage ceremony without paying mafia gangs some HAFTHA money. Daya Nayak has done what was right and asked by senior officers from Home ministry.

How can a trusted media source like Times of India publish article on a good cop without doing research in to the subject? SHAME on them. Similar case was happened when ISRO scientist were accused of spying in to Cryogenic engine technology for some country and media presented good guys (top notch scietists) as bad guys to find out that it was all a big fuss made by Psycho Journalists of a media group.

You were also talking about going to court and stuff like that.. If you were a policeman and booking a criminal under some charge to later find out that he has been acquited by court (corrupted judges), wouldn't you be frustrated? Around 1997, it was the need to do something extreme in fast manner to make mumbai a safer place and that's what Nayak did. I am proud of these policemen.

Who the hell big b*st*rd Tirodkar is? He is a big time b*st*rd and must be shot to death in public, b*st*rd-cum-Anti-national.. S**a h***mi jis des mein peda hua hai uska hi bigadta hai... I wish I had a gun to shoot Tirodkar down when I had an opportunity..

Last thing, Mumbai is safer just because of these brave policemen. Please respect them and support them.

If I had a lot of money then I would have bought stakes in all big indian news & media companies and cleansed them by purging poor quality journalists..

drag_nite said...

wow excellent anonymous.proud to hav indians like u.i happy u hav got cocern 4 d nations welfare.salute to u.i hope daya comes out of this mess as soon as possible.i think andrenaka is paid by tirodkar the bastard.thats y there is no answer 4m his side.nice to hav sm one with d same opinion

Punkprincess said...

I request all of you to refrain from abusive language. Or at least use asterisks* in place of full words.

andrenaka said...

Hi everybody!! Passions running high, i see! And lets welcome Dr. Veneet Pujari to the site. Another like minded person (obviously VERY intelligent!) who feels the same as me..well, well. And I think that some decorum should be maintained if we are going to be able to argue effectively. I agree with punkprincess - let's leave the foul words out, or as he/she says, use *'s if you must. Also, someone thinks he/shes' sending smss', all abbreviations...i find it rather difficult to follow thru....
There's speculation that i'm an agent for tirdokar. I'd like to say for the record that i'm not. Dont know him, only read about him in the papers. Believe it or believe it not. And i dont know daya nayak either. Never seen either of these chappies in my life. Buteveryones' missing the point. Its NOT about individuals, no matter hoe brave/noble/dedicated. Its about leagal murder.
....sorry, got to go now but will be back tomorow - opps, its sunday...lets see, anyway. But i'm going to write a rejionder to punkprincess rather well balanced post. If its your own, no coaching, then i'm impressed...but more later. By the way, i didnt take kindly to you refering to me a some idiot who suggested... lets skip the personal attacks, shall we?Nitey nite, folks

Punkprincess said...

Thank you for the compliment andrenaka. I'm not sure what you mean by coaching though. This is all research, out there for anyone who bothers to read carefully enough.
As for your "non-individual" viewpoint, let me make one thing clear. This site was made to let people read about the whole story of Daya Nayak, not just the ugly bits and pieces that the media provided on the ACB's prodding. I did not intend to discuss encounters and extra-legal murders as you put it. That just came up because of the comments.
I don't think any court or state has the right to victimize Nayak for doing his job in the past. As per your theory of roundabout justice there are a lot more of these encounter specialists who should also be getting tried in court for some case or the other. But they aren't. Pradeep Sharma even has a higher tally of killings [100+] than Nayak, then by your idea of justice he should be hanged, yes?
This rigmarole with Nayak as the infamous star is a personal vendetta. Except here, personal encompasses a lot of persons. Not just Shakeel or Tirodkar, but even some jealous police officers. Let us not forget that.

If encounter killings are to be punished, then let ALL encounter specialists be punished, alongwith the people who gave them their orders. But this sort of an inquisition against Nayak is highly irregular and extremely unfair, to say the very least.

Indian Punk Prince said...

Dear Punk Princess

I liked your name so much that I just borrowed a version of it for my new blog on Nayak. It will take a day or two to be up. Right now I have just posted a few links.

For now I am into some serious research on Nayak and Tirodkar and all the other characters in this play (if I may call it that). I want to arrive at the truth. Not that I dont believe you, but then I cant present a printout of your blog in court as evidence. You know very well that I dont stand a chance if I file a PIL (in support of Nayak of course) and use your blog as my Annexure A. I need solid proof which could stand up to the scrutity of R Kini (He is a nice man, I know him personally and is largely non-corrupt. He is just doing his job now, so I dont think we should blame him, though he has started using under the belt methods of late that are strictly speaking unethical)

I am trying to gather all the evidence together - not necessarily in support of Nayak. I am not his supporter or fan. If it is adequately proven that he is really a cold-blodeed murderer, I would be the first to critique him, but right now he just happens to have a little more cash than he is officially supposed to have and that in my opinion is not such a great crime...I mean each and every cop in Mumbai has assets beyond his known source of income.

Like I have mentioned in one of my comments elsewhere on some blog, I know almost 2 dozen PIs who have assets that would put Daya's to shame.

To cut a long story short, can you and all others who read this help me collate all the evidence (that would stand up to legal scrutiny and not crumble in a cross in court).

Looking forward to many more posts from you each it says in one of my fav movies.... may the force be with you.....

Anonymous said...

I admire man like daya, these men fight for their country. I would say we need more people like nayak. I think there should be encounter specialists for corruption. That is the only way INDIA will make progress. First of all 41 lackhs is not a lot of money and if he wanted to he would have made 100 corers if he wanted to by selling out to dons. I mean come on is this the kind of price a man gets for being a great citizen and cop to a country, than india has no right to have faithful people like him. What about the people who are currupted, I'm not seeing anyone being punished, i think those people should be hanged.

Shatru jeet singh said...

I am an armed force officer with experience of having fought militancy in Kashmir,punjab,Assam,Manipur.I have gone through the real life encounters with the militants and always suffered casualities in each operations bcoz they were real operations and not the cold blooded murders.
I assure my country men if the
ilk's of Daya nayak of Mumbai police and ACP Rajbir singh of Delhi police under go the real life encounters with the militants or the professional gangsters,they will start shitting in their pants,if they are such great shooters just take them to target range or induct them in operations with the forces like BSF,CRPF who are are pitted against militants every day and loose their men in every encounter.
Daya Nayak is nothing but a murderer and all his superiors who promoted him are impotent police officers with the tags of IPS.Each police officer be investigated about his life style and the assests and people would come to know what kind of criminals they men need to wake up against all the injustice and corruption.
These are the killers of the innocents.
I have all my praise for Ketan Tirodkar for having exposed such a murderer
Tirodkar might have shady past but he had courage to expose this murderer.One thing is for sure Tirodkar might not be a murderer.
all the encounters of this crook should be investigated and retribution must come to such a killer.Such killers when face bullets themselves they always wet their pants.
I feel pity on my country men,who just live by chance bcoz such criminals are entrusted with their security

drag_nite said...

hello mr singh,
i am a mangalorean n knw daya 4m v close.he is a simple man with his simple living.he has done a lot of social service he is a victim of his own fame.ur ketan tirodkar is a big time bastard.he is jealous of daya's fame.
n abt BSF i knw v well how mant unregistered rape cases take place by the jawans.u need nt sing the praise abt bsf jawans.i nt telling all men out in bsf belong to this catogory bt 90% how them do.
today he targetted jus bcoz he is a kannadiga getting fame in maharastra.that's all.and the local police who r his seniours are no gud at all.they jus wan2 spoil his all his degree certificate fake?ansr this question.n wen his cases r disproved its never published in ne news paper.this means media too is involved with ds bad polce official who want to ruin his carrier.
sardarji dimag k bathi jalaooo.atleast knw d sardar's shud prove they hav got brains

kishore said...

i am a good frind of nayak.istrongly belive all allegations made on him are baseless and he should be brought back to service at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

i am ashamed that iam a citizen of such a country where person is punished for good job.daya nayak is a
faithful officer and he has been framed for it.all those who oppose him are pure traitors of this country.all i pray that god never again give birth to me in this land ever.

Anonymous said...

I left the country because i have seen capable and honest people like Daya Nayak , TN Sesan suffer.

is there anything we can do to help him. It's really shame to be an indian where Daya Nayak should have been the Police commisioner he is waiting to be sub inspector!!! Things like this discourage me from coming back to country and i really dont see how a country can prosper when it's best people like Daya Nayak are suffering being accused.

Aakaash_999 said...


Hi Frns,

ths is Aakaash and I am an advocate i would like to give a gud news to you all(not to ketan tirodkar's supporters).

I have been monitoring the developments with respect to Daya nayak's case. As far as my knowledge goes with respect to practise as an advocate, all the findings by the ACB are baseless and the efficient officer Daya Nayak would come out with a clean chit.

Now it's high time that we start collecting info to send Ketan shirodkar and his like behind the bars.

swaroop said...


DOCTORS dont get killed or are in any sort of harm to their life if operation goes wrong...but POLICE or ARMY are doing their job at the risk of their LIFE ....

Anonymous said...

Daya Sir, My prayers for u..

Anonymous said...

I am very happy about Daya Nayak's acquittal. I have been victimized myself through all these dirty politics in my organization, so it gives me courage and inner strength to see that justice will win in the end.

Anonymous said...

if u clean underword?
so plz leave daya sir

Anonymous said...

We all real Indians know Daya Nayak & his team is cleanest. Whatever they done in their job was awesome & that's why every Indian specially Mumbaikar was sleeping peacefully, enjoying life, playing with kids.
I also requesting by my heart to our good politicians please... get back all these men in Police Force; because we Indians really need them still today & they got Clean Name to reenter.
Daya Nayak & his fellows are Legends...............

saddam said...

i wnt to b lyk daya nayak

saddam said...

n i will b lyk him

sriram manjrekar said...

Dev tumka ani tumgele family aryoghya ani sukh divo Mann taghel kaden prathana karta "Dev boro karu"

Ethan Smith said...
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